Landscapes of Mauritania Nº 2

Landscapes of Mauritania Nº 2

3 - 11 February, 2024

9 days



Lupine Travel was founded in 2008 after its founder Dylan Harris took a life changing overland trip from Europe to the Far East that was to prove the inspiration for launching his own unique travel company.

Lupine’s goal has remained the same since they were founded: find secure routes offering once in a lifetime experiences in unique and hard to reach destinations and open them up to their clients at reasonable prices.

From our three original tours in 2008, we now offer tours to more than 35 countries and territories throughout the world. Including this exciting trip to Mauritania!

Meet your host


The moment my parents gave me the freedom to travel independently, I took my bike and left for five days with a small tent and some cooking gear. Even though I was only eleven years old, this first trip caused an in irrepressible urge to explore and travel for the years to come. A few years later I travelled, by hitchhiking and camping, from the cold snow-covered mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Iraq, the deep rainforest of French-Guiana, to the scorching deserts of Mali and Iran- always in search of adventure, and new experiences. And during my study International Tourism Management & Consultancy I specialized in the development of tours in conflict destinations and started leading tours. My first tour with Lupine Travel was in 2021 and since then I have become a fulltime tour leader.

Trip highlights


Arrival into Nouakchott

  • Arrive in Mauritania’s capital, Nouakchott.
Dunes of Mauritania

Azoueigya Dunes

  • Visit Nouakchott, and see the camel market, watch fishermen come in at Port du Perche, and visit the local museum.

Terjit Oasis

  • Drive to Terjit Oasis and explore this green paradise, hike around the village, and bathe in the natural pools.


Day 1: Arrival into Nouakchott
Day 2: Azoueigya Dunes
Day 3: Terjit Oasis
Day 4: Ouadane
Day 5: Camel Safari
Day 6: Chinguetti
Day 7: The Iron Ore Train
Day 8: Nouadiboh & Western Sahara
Day 9: Dakhla


  • What's Included

  • What's Not Included

  • Add-Ons

  • Local guides and drivers
  • Lupine tour leader throughout
  • Transport in 4x4s
  • All breakfast, lunches and dinners outside of Nouadiboh, Nouakchott and Dakhla are included
  • All accommodation
  • Airport Transfers