The GameChanger Live Experience, Denver

with Devon Bandison

Meet your host

Devon Bandison

Devon Bandison is the go-to coach of the NBA and one of the most sought-after personal and business coaches in the world. He works with Fortune 100 Companies and people from all walks of life, including professional athletes and teams, CEOs, salespeople, small business owners, filmmakers, producers, and the top business and life coaches in the world.

Devon holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Public Administration.

His background in sports, psychology and leadership, gives Devon a unique perspective on how to effectively create powerful shifts within individuals and companies. His style is a combination of a straight-talk New Yorker mixed with a patient, compassionate, and attentive listener. This combination of his direct, authentic and caring approach to transformation allows his clients to create extraordinary results in their lives faster and with more ease. 

Devon is an international/TEDx speaker and is considered a fatherhood thought leader, whose work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, and Success Magazine.  His book “Fatherhood is Leadership: Your Playbook for Success, Self-Leadership and a Richer Life” was a #1 new release on Amazon in 2017.

Trip highlights

Three days of transformation

Every doubt that has ever gotten in your way, every fear that keeps you from achieving your dreams, every barrier that stands between you and your vision of success will come tumbling down. On that weekend, everything changes.

Stop changing the rules and start changing the game

Take practical steps to design your life and change the relationship you have with yourself, your loved ones, your career and your money. The GameChanger Leadership Experience will help you clearly define what you want, shape that vision and set up the practical systems that will make the transformation you desire inevitable.

A transformational experience

You’ll not only work to establish a clear game-changing vision for the next 12 months, but you’ll also be empowered with supportive tools and an accountability system that will help make your vision a reality.


DAY 1 - Getting accurate
DAY 2 - On the court
DAY 3 - GameChanging


What's Included

  • Three days of coaching as per itinerary details

What's Not Included

  • Anything not listed in What’s Included
  • Accommodation and transport
  • Any food and drinks outside except where specified / detailed
  • Personal items and expenses
  • Travel insurance

The GameChanger Live Experience, Denver


TONY UBERTACCIO, Founder & CEO Semper Avanti

I’ve spent a lot of time around gurus, coaches and consultants. And what I’ve experienced with Devon is something unlike anything I’ve ever seen or read before. Devon has this disarming way about him. It’s empathy but more. He shows you what life could look like on the other side of fear, doubt, and expectations.

JANE EVANS, TED Speaker, Author, Parenting Expert

For 4 years I had been traveling, mostly alone, along a road towards bigger audiences and platforms. However, it never felt like ‘enough.’ I had dreams of much bigger platforms yet my internal insecurities and beliefs were holding me back. Until that is, I began working with Devon Bandison! He stepped on the road beside me, offered a vision, and helped me identify key destination points to overcome barriers along the way.

BILLY D, Fitness Entrepreneur Achilles International / Wiggle Your Toes Triathlete

I first took one of Devon’s seminars 2 years ago. I’ve since used the distinctions taught by Devon to improve my relationships, grow my business, and raise more than $20K for amputees while competing in triathlons. Devon’s simple yet powerful message is so infectious because of the size of his heart. I’ve never met a coach with so much passion and longing to make the world a better place.