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NAKOA Adventure

NAKOA Adventure creates brave spaces that support, empower and celebrate plus-size bodies doing ALL the things! With limited resources available for individuals size US 14 and up in the outdoors, NAKOA Adventure trips build bridges for the plus-size community to explore and discover the great outdoors without limit!
You don’t know what your body can do until you do it.

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“I hadn’t initially planned on attending Kanoa’s plus size adventure retreat in Greece. but when I met Kanoa in person in July 2021, I knew that I couldn’t miss it. “Amazing” is an understatement for this experience. It was the refresher and reset I didn’t know my soul needed. From the movement sessions to the adventuring to our vulnerable conversations while we dined, every aspect of the retreat was perfection, especially the accommodations…this experience restored the joy in movement that i had lost during the pandemic. Kanoa’s infectious and joyful energy attracts like-minded women… to this day, I still check in on the ladies regularly and hope to see them all again in the future.”



“I am here to tell you this – unless you feel like you physically CANNOT do the activity you’re pondering, go with gusto and definitely save a spot for yourself on one of the NAKOA adventures. The fact that Ms. Kanoa Greene had the foresight to develop her idea of plus-size adventures and engage with a community that I’ve been a part of for years…I cannot say enough incredible things about my retreat. The environment to be open to – the most “real” conversations I’ve had in a while; the most confidence-boosting I’ve ever seen in one place; the most camaraderie I’ve felt in years. I cannot say enough about the adventure retreat and the 14 sisters I left Costa Rica with…So long story short, ask yourself the questions BUT please do yourself a favor and save your spot on a NAKOA Adventure. You will not regret it.”



“Magical. Wonderful. Uplifting. And So. So Much More. The first plus-size adventure retreat by Kanoa in Greece was one continuous celebration of body, mind, movement and soul. While our many fits of laughter at dinner kept the whole place thoroughly entertained, I felt deeply grateful each day for meeting these awesome beings who so understood the experience of life in a plus-size body. I never knew I missed that until I suddenly had it. One of the best investments in me. I can’t wait to show up for myself again, Nakoa-style!”

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