We exist to connect the world through the power of shared experiences.

What if travel wasn’t about where you go but what you love?

We’re kitesurfers and frisbee fanatics. We’re yogis and home chefs. We’re animal lovers and photographers. We’re figure skaters and DJs. We’re writers and mixologists. We’re rollerbladers and bloggers. We’re swimmers and gardeners. We’re football players and snowboarders. We’re abstract painters and distance runners.

Our core conviction is that the future of travel is passion-led.


Charaf El Mansouri

Charaf El Mansouri

Photo of Nisma Benani

Nisma Benani

Chief Talent Officer

Leah Howe

Chief Experience Officer

Brice Carpentier

Chief Technical Officer

Hanane Allali

Trip Operations Coordinator
Photo of Rozelle Carlos

Rozelle Carlos

Graphic Designer
Annabelle Corti

Annabelle Corti

Account Manager, Talent

Thomas Juster

FullStack Engineer
Photo of Dina Nabil

Dina Nabil

Sophie Hyatt profile image

Soph Hyatt

Senior Product Manager
Zeyad wearing shirt and tie

Zeyad Osama


Marzia Priori

Trip Operations Manager
black and white image of woman with white top and necklace

Rania Kochaina

Trip Designer

Hanna Lucke

Trip Designer
Woman smiling on bridge next to boats

Sophie Allum

Guest Experience Coordinator
man with glasses starting at camera

Daniel Rodríguez

FullStack Engineer
man in black and white with white tshirt smiling

Augusto Ringuelet

FullStack Engineer

Theodore Kim

Director of Talent

Sean parker

Senior Director of Operations

Salma Moltif

Events and Trip Planning Manager

Luciana Suero

Talent Manager

Virginia Gelardin

Director of Talent

Johanna Schröter

Marketing Manager

Heather Thompson

CRM Manager

Julia Sadok

Head of Trip Partnerships

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