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Tiffany Hill

Since returning home, I’ve been journaling more (before and after meditating), incorporating more breathing exercises within my daily routine and using Ho’ oponopono as a healing/forgiveness prayer towards myself and my loved ones as needed. The Radical Forgiveness worksheet is now a staple in my household…Again, thank you for this experience. I truly feel joyful, hopeful, reborn and UNRULY.”


Corena Wiggins

“I learned so much about myself and that despite always feeling alone I’m not alone. It was eye opening to see so many other women have many of the same struggles, insecurities, thoughts, concerns, etc. I feel more compelled to continue my self work of healing because I received a foundation to begin that process in a warm, safe, and supportive environment.”


Essence Magazine

“This annual retreat gives women a safe space to be honored, to experience joy, to heal, and of course, be a little UNRULY.”